Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bulk Orders Software for ODIN, DION, NOW, NEST and other Trading Terminal

Ever wondered how easy life would be for a Sub Broker, Dealer or Portfolio Manager, if he could punch orders for all the clients, multiple clients or selected clients into his trading terminal along with stop loss.

FTR Bulk Orders Software does exactly the same and gives a very stress free, error free working space for all those important persons working in stock market. Now one can place multiple client orders into any trading terminal within fraction of seconds.

Its very economical and stable utility where one can punch orders from our own strategies created into excel. One can apply stop loss to all orders at once at the time of placing orders into trading terminal. One can even inform clients through SMS at the instant when their orders are placed into trading terminal. 

Very useful tool to all professional SubBrokers Dealers and Portfolio Managers.

It saves clients of their position by immediately placing Stop Loss to all the open position. 

It saves much of the dealers time punching single order for each client. Great Software to beat the market volatility.


  1. Indeed this bulk orders software utility was long need of all sub brokers. Very commendable job accomplished. Now I can punch multiple clients order into my trading terminal along with stoploss simultaneously without any worry at once.

  2. Thank you Deshpande Saheb for appreciating this small piece of work. Yes, SubBrokers & Dealers can now punch multiple client orders or say bulk orders for multiple clients along with stop loss simultaneously.
    This saves much time of all sub broker/dealer in punching orders. The best part of this utility is that the STOPLOSS order is placed along with your main order hence the dealer is not required to do the same exercise again.
    Thanks a lot once again for appreciating our work.