Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Dilemma of a Sub Broker / Dealer

These days the markets are very volatile than those they were earlier. We see volatility on both sides during a intra- day movement of trade session. The Sub Broker & Dealers make great efforts to stay tuned to the markets news and latest happening that might affect the position of their clients. The dealers and Sub Brokers vigilantly follows the advises broadcast-ed from the central advisory desk. But still there remains the aged old problem, how to give effect to all the information and execute orders into ODIN/NEST or other trading terminal swiftly for multiple clients.

Some times the dealers prepares the bulkorder file into excel or any text editor and fires it in market to grab the early opportunity and then finds that he has to place Stop Loss to all positions to defend the trade. The volatile market sometimes permits the dealer to act fast and apply Stop Loss to the trades executed and many a times the market slips the other side leaving no option but to hold the position for longer duration and keep paying MTM losses.

Here is exactly where FTR Bulk Order Entry in ODIN comes to play. With FTR Bulk Order Entry in ODIN the dealer need not have to bother about placing market orders for all/selected clients and also need not worry about placing STOP LOSSES along with orders itself.

FTR Bulk Order Entry for ODIN is the smartest tool for the smart Sub Broker/ Dealer who want to take risk and also defend his position along with STOP LOSS for Multiple Client Positions.


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